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Course Curriculum

Dive into using VBA in Excel_Excel 00:00:00
What you should know_Excel 00:00:00
Visual Basic For Applications
Introduce object-oriented programming_Excel 00:00:00
Examine the Excel object model_Excel 00:00:00
Work in the Visual Basic Editor_Excel 00:00:00
Set VBA project properties_Excel 00:00:00
Create, export, and delete code modules_Excel 00:00:00
Create a subroutine_Excel 00:00:00
Create a function_Excel 00:00:00
Add comments to your code_Excel 00:00:00
Run a VBA routine_Excel 00:00:00
Add code to a recorded macro_Excel 00:00:00
Defining Variables, Constants, and Calculations
Introduce Excel VBA data types_Excel 00:00:00
Declare variables and require declaration before use_Excel 00:00:00
Manage variable scope_Excel 00:00:00
Define static variables and constants_Excel 00:00:00
Create a calculation using mathematical operators_Excel 00:00:00
Define arrays_Excel 00:00:00
Define and use object variables_Excel 00:00:00
Streamline code references using With…End With statements_Excel 00:00:00
Adding Logic to Your VBA Code
Repeat a task using a For…Next loop_Excel 00:00:00
Step through all items of a collection using a For…Each loop_Excel 00:00:00
Repeat a task using a Do loop_Excel 00:00:00
Perform a task when conditions are met using an If…Then statement_Excel 00:00:00
Select which action to take using a Case statement_Excel 00:00:00
Debugging Your VBA Code
Manage errors using On Error statements_Excel 00:00:00
Step through a subroutine or function_Excel 00:00:00
Set breakpoints in your code_Excel 00:00:00
Verify output using the Immediate window_Excel 00:00:00
Watch a value in a routine_Excel 00:00:00
Managing Workbook Elements and Data in VBA
Write a value to a cell_Excel 00:00:00
Cut, copy, and paste cell data_Excel 00:00:00
Find values in cells_Excel 00:00:00
Refer to cells using the OFFSET function_Excel 00:00:00
Concatenate text strings_Excel 00:00:00
Return part of a string_Excel 00:00:00
Manage worksheets with VBA_Excel 00:00:00
Manage workbooks with VBA_Excel 00:00:00
Adding Advanced Elements to Your Workbook
Turn off screen updating when you run a macro_Excel 00:00:00
Use worksheet functions in a macro_Excel 00:00:00
Acquire values using an input box or message box_Excel 00:00:00
Call a subroutine from another subroutine_Excel 00:00:00
Using Excel Events in Your VBA Code
Run a procedure when you open, close, or save a workbook_Excel 00:00:00
Run a procedure when a cell range changes_Excel 00:00:00
Trigger a procedure using a specific key sequence_Excel 00:00:00
Putting it All Together
Apply techniques in a capstone project_Excel 00:00:00
Further information_Excel 00:00:00

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