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AI Adventures - 7 Steps of Machine Learning
The 7 Steps of Machine Learning (AI Adventures) 00:00:00
AI Experiments
A.I. Experiments A.I. Duet (1) 00:00:00
A.I. Experiments A.I. Duet 00:00:00
A.I. Experiments Bird Sounds 00:00:00
A.I. Experiments Giorgio Cam 00:00:00
A.I. Experiments Making it easier for anyone to explore A.I. 00:00:00
A.I. Experiments The Infinite Drum Machine 00:00:00
A.I. Experiments Thing Translator 00:00:00
A.I. Experiments Visualizing High-Dimensional Space 00:00:00
AI Experiment Semi-Conductor 00:00:00
AI Experiments Beat Blender 00:00:00
AI Experiments Move Mirror 00:00:00
AutoDraw Fast Drawing for Everyone 00:00:00
Body, Movement, Language AI Sketches with Bill T. Jones 00:00:00
Emoji Scavenger Hunt 00:00:00
FreddieMeter Can you sing like Freddie Mercury 00:00:00
Imaginary Soundscape – How It Works 00:00:00
Making music using new sounds generated with machine learning 00:00:00
NeuralCandy – Android Things Experiment 00:00:00
Objectifier – Spacial Programming (User testing) 00:00:00
Precursors to a Digital Muse 00:00:00
Scribbling Speech Concept Video 00:00:00
Sound Controlled Intergalactic Teddy 00:00:00
Teachable Machine 2.0 Making AI easier for everyone 00:00:00
Whale Songs and AI, for everyone to explore 00:00:00
What convolutional neural networks see 00:00:00
AI for Social Good Guide
Machine Learning Making Sense of a Messy World 00:00:00
Machine Learning Solving Problems Big, Small, and Prickly 00:00:00
What is Machine Learning (AI Adventures) 00:00:00
Android and Tensor Flow - Artistics Style Transfer Codelab
Android and Tensor Flow 00:00:00
Cloud Machine Learning Engine Documentation
AI Platform documentation 00:00:00
Cloud Vision API Codelab
Whole Overview of Cloud Vision 00:00:00
Clustering Course Summary 00:00:00
Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform Specialization
Data Preparation and Feature Engineering for Machine Learning
Data Preparation and Feature Engineering in ML 00:00:00
Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation
Deep Playground
neural network 00:00:00
GCP Tensor Flow Machine and Codelab
Machine Learning with Tensor Flow on GCP 00:00:00
Getting Started with Machine Learning Competition
Guides for Machine Learning with Google cloud Platform
Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform 00:00:00
Intro to Fairness in Machine Learning Module
Fairness 00:00:00
Introduction to Federated Learning
Federated Learning 00:00:00
Introductuion to Machine Learning Problem Framing
Introduction 00:00:00
Kaggle Learn
Machine Learning Crash Course with Tensor Flow APIs
Machine Learning Glossary
This glossary defines general machine learning terms and terms specific to TensorFlow. 00:00:00
Machine Learning Guides
Good Data Analysis 00:00:00
Rules of Machine Learning 00:00:00
Text Classification 00:00:00
Machine Learning Recipes with Josh Gordon - Hello World
Classifying Handwritten Digits with TF.Learn – Machine Learning Recipes #7 00:00:00
Getting Started with Weka – Machine Learning Recipes #10 00:00:00
Hello World – Machine Learning Recipes #1 00:00:00
Intro to Feature Engineering with TensorFlow – Machine Learning Recipes #9 00:00:00
Let’s Write a Decision Tree Classifier from Scratch – Machine Learning Recipes #8 00:00:00
Let’s Write a Pipeline – Machine Learning Recipes #4 00:00:00
Train an Image Classifier with TensorFlow for Poets – Machine Learning Recipes #6 00:00:00
Visualizing a Decision Tree – Machine Learning Recipes #2 00:00:00
What Makes a Good Feature – Machine Learning Recipes #3 00:00:00
Writing Our First Classifier – Machine Learning Recipes #5 00:00:00
People + AI guidebook
User Needs + Defining Success 00:00:00
Data Collection 00:00:00
Errors + Gracefull Failure 00:00:00
Explainability 00:00:00
Feedback 00:00:00
Glossary 00:00:00
Introduction 00:00:00
Mental Models 00:00:00
Resources 00:00:00
Recommendation Systems
Introduction 00:00:00
Responsible AI Practices
Responsible AI Practices 00:00:00
Rules of Machine Learning
Rules of Machine Learning 00:00:00
Sample for Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine
Seedbank - Machine Learning Discovery
Serverless Machine Learning Codelab
Serverless Machine Learning 00:00:00
Serverless Machine Learning with Tensor Flow on Google Cloud Platform
Tensor Flow for Poets 2 - Tensor Flow lite Codelab
Recognize Flowers with TensorFlow Lite on Android 00:00:00
Tensor Flow for Poets Codelab
TensorFlow For Poets 00:00:00
Tensor Flow Workshops
TensorFlow Documentation
TensorFlow 2 focuses on simplicity and ease of use 00:00:00
Testing and Debugging in Machine Learning
Introduction 00:00:00

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