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Course Curriculum

Welcome_Excel 00:00:00
Using the exercise files_Excel 00:00:00
Getting Started
Identifying applicable situations for using macros_Excel 00:00:00
Recognizing the need for single-action and multi-action macros_Excel 00:00:00
Understanding security_Excel 00:00:00
Overview of other techniques_Excel 00:00:00
Running a Macro
Running a macro from the Developer or View tab_Excel 00:00:00
Running a macro from the Quick Access Toolbar_Excel 00:00:00
Running a macro from a keystroke shortcut_Excel 00:00:00
Running a macro from an object or picture_Excel 00:00:00
Using VBA
The VBA window and VBA components_Excel 00:00:00
Creating the Personal Macro Workbook_Excel 00:00:00
Closing and updating the Personal Macro Workbook_Excel 00:00:00
Recording a Macro in Stages
Recording a simple macro_Excel 00:00:00
Expanding a macro with the If statement_Excel 00:00:00
Macro Project: Converting a Mailing List into a Database List
Planning a macro_Excel 00:00:00
Recording partial code_Excel 00:00:00
Using loop structures in context_Excel 00:00:00
Testing a macro in Step mode with a split screen_Excel 00:00:00
Pulling the data together_Excel 00:00:00
Joining two macros_Excel 00:00:00
Streamlining macros_Excel 00:00:00
Goodbye_Excel 00:00:00

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